Update #3 on Kickstarter

Hey guys, just a quick screen shot of the Lighting Engine



Quick Update on the Graphics

Just another quick video of how the game is looking….

nothing very interesting just showing some lizardmen digging, starting to get happy with the general look of the graphics engine though which is nice.

also: moved onto miscellania.net domain.

Planned Features, dev pipeline.



Crafting & Building



Hunting & Food Production

A while away

Adventure mode (take over a particular actor, go on an adventure, bring back for glory (or a funeral).


Multiplayer/ Host a server with multiple people playing



World Generation

I’m currently working on world generation, which after attempting to use a large (20+) number of variables to generate biomes, have decided to just go with Temperature, Elevation and Rainfall. It’s giving nice results at the moment.Image

So here is a funky screen shot, with a nice blur effect (currently being used as the game’s splash screen)

The rough scale of that picture is about 1km across, at the moment “Oceans” are rarely more than 2/3 km accross, which while unrealistic, makes much more sense, who want’s to spend an hour crossing the ocean in a game…

Dynamic Generation

When you first startup the game, the world generates about a 1km by 1km area, but as you move about generate the new world on the fly. Which makes rivers not so easy… because I can’t just use a nice erosion effect like a preprocessed map (well, can’t think of a clever way to do it ATM)