World Generation

I’m currently working on world generation, which after attempting to use a large (20+) number of variables to generate biomes, have decided to just go with Temperature, Elevation and Rainfall. It’s giving nice results at the moment.Image

So here is a funky screen shot, with a nice blur effect (currently being used as the game’s splash screen)

The rough scale of that picture is about 1km across, at the moment “Oceans” are rarely more than 2/3 km accross, which while unrealistic, makes much more sense, who want’s to spend an hour crossing the ocean in a game…

Dynamic Generation

When you first startup the game, the world generates about a 1km by 1km area, but as you move about generate the new world on the fly. Which makes rivers not so easy… because I can’t just use a nice erosion effect like a preprocessed map (well, can’t think of a clever way to do it ATM)


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